Race series

BornTokyo, Japan 21/01/1988
Weight72 kg
Size170 cm
Marital Statusmarried
EducationBachelor in Internatial Relations at International Christian University (Tokyo)
SUP since2013
JP since2017


outrigger canoe, surfing, trail running, traveling, soccer, spending time with family and friends
Best day possible
OC6 paddling in the morning, surfing in mid day and downwinding on the SUP in the late afternoon followed by cold beer in the parking lot with friends
Best 'vacation'
Tahiti. I have been there once but it is paradise with amazing people. Perfect place to paddle and surf.
Favorite music
Mumford and Sons, Young the Giants
Favorite book
Harry Potter Series
Book I read now
The Boys in the Boat
Favorite motor vehicle
Love and proud of Japanese cars
Favorite spot(s)
Right in front of my house in Hayama, Japan
Preferred JP SUP(s)
2017 12’6" and 14 All Water and I really love the new paddles
Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions'
I never eat breakfast even before a long race. It keeps my body fresh and my mind in a meditative state
Inspired by
Anyone aspiring to accomplish big goals. Other athletes in various sports
Proud about
Being able to live a life where I get to paddle every day and compete around the world
Sport targets
Become the best I can be and represent Japan proud on the international scene
The future
More racing internationally and hopefully a few wins and podiums while I am at it
JP Australia, Aerotech Ocean, Probody, Zakuroya, Bravo, Garmin Japan, Patagonia, Sanuk, Spy Optics, Shotz Nutrition, Solaina
My slogan (word I live by)
Live every day like it is your last
Anything else that you want the people to know about you
I grew up in California from when I was 8 to 18. I played soccer on the United States Youth National Teams which gave me an opportunity to move back to play professional soccer out of high school. Unfortunately got injured which made me give up my goals but I think it was for the best since I get to live the life I have now!


  • 1st - Japan SUP National Championships
  • 3rd - MyNavi The Japan Cup
  • 3rd - Kerama Blue Cup
  • 12nd - ISA World Cup Distance, Denmark
  • 16th - ISA World Cup Technical Race, Denmark
  • 1st The 2nd Hong Kong International Championships
  • 1st Miho Cup
  • 1st MarboRoyal Cup
  • 3rd Tottori SUP Marathon
  • 3rd MyNavi The Japan Cup
  • 8th Molokai 2 Oahu
  • 1st Miho Cup
  • 1st Tokushima SUP Marathon
  • 1st Mabo Royal KJ CUP
  • 1st Iriomote SUP Marathon
  • 1st Aoshima Kagura Cup
  • 3rd Race the Lake of the Sky Technical
  • 6th Gorge Paddle Challenge Downwinder
  • 1st Japan National SUP Championships
  • 1st Aoshima Kagura CUP
  • 1st Tokushima SUP Marathon