Armin Zeitler

Race boards

Born9. November 1982, Günzburg, Germany
Weight66 kg
Size172 cm
Marital Statusmarried
Educationelectrical engineering
SUP since2012
JP since2018


SUP, judo, slacklining, hiking
Best 'vacation':
Caminho Português (Portugal, Spain, 2017)
Favorite music:
David Guetta
Favorite book:
The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follet)
Book I read now:
Medical Food (Anthony William)
Favorite motor vehicle:
VW Käfer
Favorite spot(s):
lakes in Bavaria
Favorite JP SUP(s):
JP flatwater race 14”0x23”
Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':
integration of training and paddling in my daily life besides work
Inspired by:
Felix Gottwald / Usain Bolt
Proud about:
studies in Germany, USA, France
Sport targets:
entire ultra long distance race preparation (physical and mental training, nutrition)
JP Australia
My slogan (word I live by):
It’s all about you!


  • - 5th Vuelta Ibiza
  • - 25th Lost Mills
  • - 5th Eleven Cities
  • - 8th Sup Alphs Trophy (long distance, series)
  • - 3rd Bavarian Championship (long distance)
  • - 3rd Immenstaad Cup (long distance)
  • - 4th Speed Pilots (sprint)
  • - 1st Bavarian Championship (SUP polo, team)