Paul Ganse achieves his first victory on an international race

The JP team rider Paul Ganse won the 2nd stop of the EuroTour 2018, which took place in Namur, Belgium. With this victory, he achieves his first win on an international race. Congratulations Paul!

Here follows his report of his amazing performance on the Allwater Race board:

“Unfortunately, my start was not ideal because I missed the top guys and got stuck in the wake of the leaders. I was so nervous at the beginning that I even fell into the water. When back on the board again, I was still close to the top 20. Some good turns helped me to reach the 14th place at the end of the round. The 2018 Flatwater Race helped me to advance further: it’s perfect for drafting! After round two I was placed 8th and with the help of the river, I luckily made it to the first place at the end. I’m super stoked about the result. For me a dream came true especially as I’m also the first German athlete to win a race of the EuroTour!”

Photos: Mayola Phtgrphs/EuroTour