Born07/03/1992, Lecco, Italy
Sail No.ITA-221
Weight60 kg
Size170 cm
Marital Statussingle
EducationCurrently I’m attending a master in Banking and Finance at Catholic University in Milan.
Windsurfing sinceSince I’m 8 years old.
PWA Tour since2016
JP since2013




Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, swimming, running, yoga, travelling. I like almost every kind of activities in and out of the water in touch with nature, wind and sun. I love travelling and explore new places, I like adventures and I’m always positive about new experiences. I love to stay with my family and my friends and when I’m at home this is the most important thing for me.

Best day in my life:

Well, there were some different best days in my life! I think the best one was the day of my Bachelor’s graduation, last year. I was very happy and satisfied for the countless hours I spent on the books instead of in the water! I’ve never felt as free as that day in my life!

Best day possible:

You can easily imagine it! A windsurfing day in a nice place, a kind of paradise, where the wind blows and the sun shines every day, chilling on the beach with friends, wearing only bikini and walking around with feet in the sand!

Best 'vacation':

Actually every vacation I did was the best one for me, for different reasons of course but every place gave me something new and special feelings. I love Brazil, where I spent some weeks of my last winters: it’s always hot, sunny and windy, it’s simply awesome for a windsurfer! You can find flat water spots and also spots with small waves, it’s a perfect mix to have fun and enjoy your time there! I also had great times in Sardinia, where there are always nice conditions, Canary Islands, where I took part in PWA for the first time this year and at the same time I had my first serious injury, at my shoulder. Anyway every vacation is nice to learn new things and to know great people!

Favorite music:

I listen to every kind of music but my favorite bands are Blink 182 and Sum 41

Favorite book:

Windsurfing magazines!

Book I read now:

Some boring books for University

Favorite Motor Vehicle:

A super colorful Volkswagen California

Favorite spot(s):

Well, I have some different favorite spots around the world! Jericoacoara, Praia do Maceió and Camocim in Brazil, Sotavento in Fuerteventura, Porto Pollo and Sa Barra in Sardinia, Dahab in Egypt. Also in north of Italy, where I live, there are some good spots like Valmadrera (my home spot at Lake Como) and Riva at Lake Garda.

Favorite JP big board(s):

Freestyle 92

Favorite JP small board(s):

Freestyle 85

Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':

Chocolate and ice cream, of course!

Inspired by:

Sarah Quita Offringa

Proud about:

…myself because in these years I carried out my studies at the university and at the same time I traveled around the world, explore new places, know a lot of great people and this was made possible by my passion for windsurfing and specially by my family that always supports me in every new experience.

Sport targets:

I want to improve my level in freestyle and take part in more national and international competitions. Anyway, now it’s quite difficult for me to be concentrated only on windsurfing because of University but it’s only one year left, so I can do it!

The future:

The first aim is to finish my master and get graduation. I also have some plans about new trips around the world, I still have some places to conquer hahah! Actually, after my graduation, I would like to start a business concerning the world of windsurf, we will see!


JP, NeilPryde, NP Swimwear, Taurus Sport and my parents!

My slogan (word I live by):

A day without a smile is a wasted day!

Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction!

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

Anything else?

I started windsurfing when I was a child with my father and my brother and since that moment I totally fell in love with it.

I’m a VDWS windsurfing instructor and I teach in a surf school on Lake Como during the summer. I’m also an executive member of Windsurfing Club Valmadrera, we often organize parties and races, this is a way to stay all together and share our passion!


  • No.13 – PWA World Tour, Fuerteventura
  • No.3 - King of Maceió, Brazil
  • No.4 - Italian Championship Freestyle Ladies