Mike Löpke


Born08/06/83; Germany
Sail No.G-528
Weight82 kg
Size180 cm
Marital Statusmarried
EducationMaster of Science Mathematics & Physics
Windsurfing since1993
PWA Tour since-
JP since2011

mike-528.de, Fuerteventura Freestyle video



Family, Sport, Friends

Best day in my life:

Birth of our son Maarten (was also the hardest day in my life)

Best day possible:

Wind, sun, waves, family and friends come all together

Best 'vacation':

Cape town each year

Favorite music:

Serje Tankian, Rise against

Favorite Motor Vehicle:

T5 Multi

Favorite spot(s):

Brouwersdam, Rietvlei CT

Preferred JP big board(s):

Freestyle 101

Preferred JP small board(s):

Twinser Quad 83

Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':

Windsurfing at all conditions

Inspired by:

Steven van Broeckhoven

Proud about:

My life in general is something I can be proud of

Sport targets:

Doing the latest moves I need/want to learn…

The future:

Going on with a lot of windsurfing


JP-AUSTRALIA / NeilPryde / NP / Prolimit

My slogan (word I live by):

Whatever you do, do it with full effort or let it be.

What else:

“I started windsurfing on a small lake somewhere in the middle of Germany.
After competing in different race disciplines (Raceboard class, Formula, Slalom) I found my passion in freestyle windsurfing. Freestyle with all its sliding and power moves and its nice community offers everything I want.”

Highlights of my career:

Every year I gather a lot of video clips and fotos that I try to present as often as possible.
But a long time ago I was rankedd 6th overall in the German Championships.