Van Gent

Born29.05.1996/ Wouwse Plantage Nederland
Sail No.NB 22
Weight56 kg
Size1,69 cm
Marital Statussingle
EducationMBO Sport and Movement
Windsurfing since2009
PWA Tour since2011
JP since2011-2012, 2016



Windsurfing, Swimming, Wakeboarding, kite, Gym

Best day in my life :

Mmm I had some pretty amazing days in my life but my best one was windsurfing with dolphins around me – amazing

Best day possible:

being on a big yacht and going to amazing places,windsurfing and cruising the places we go to :P

Best 'vacation':

uuhmm I love Alacati ! I had an amazing time there.
But my dream vacation is to go to Dubai :D

Favorite music:


Favorite color:

Pink !

Favorite Motor Vehicle:

a Pink lamborghini hahahah

Favorite move:

That’s the Shaka!

Favorite spot(s):

Sorobon (Bonaire)

Preferred JP big board(s):


Preferred JP small board(s):

Freestyle 85

Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':

I’m obsessed with chocolate

Inspired by:

Mmmm pretty much everybody! Everyone inspires me but in a different way :-)

Sport targets:

being a good rollmodel for girls :-)


JP Australia, NeilPryde, NP, Maui Ultra

My slogan (word I live by):

Be a girl with a mind, a women with attitude and a lady with class.


I moved to Bonaire when I was 12. During the first year I didn’t windsurf at all, because I didn’t think I would like it. Then I got a friend who windsurfed and she took me to Sorobon. It looked so amazing and I really wanted to try it myself. So I asked if I could rent a board. For the whole summer I tried and tried and after a month or so I planed and was hooked for life. The feeling when you go fast on the water was just great. The next one or two months I learned how to jibe and tack and go very fast. But then I saw all the freestylers and I wanted to be like them! So I just started to practice.

After half a year, when I got my own stuff, I really could start freestyling. The first time I landed my Vulcon was great! The feeling you get when succeeding after a long time of training just pushes you for more.

Last year, 2011, the PWA came to Bonaire and Aruba. First I didn’t want to compete because I was really scared – all the big names and all the people I looked up to. But many freestylers where training in Bonaire that time and they said I should try it, cause it would be an important experience. So I though “Let’s do it!”. My first heat was with Sara Quita. She and all other girls were very nice and explained the most important things to me. The PWA was also very understanding with regard to my school schedule, because I had to do tests every morning at that time. Aruba was also a very nice experience as the wind is quite different compared to Bonaire.

I was super happy when JP decided that I should become a JP Girl. It was like a dream coming true.

For now, I am looking forward to competing in further PWA events!

See you all there!

NB 22