Born11.11.1993, Bolzano, Italy
Sail No.ITA 193
Weight55 kg
Size169 cm
Marital Statussingle
EducationCurrently I'm studying journalism and media at the University of Vienna/Austria.
Windsurfing sinceSince I'm 7 years old.
PWA Tour sinceThe first PWA event I took part was in 2010 in Hyeres, France
JP sinceActually since always. I've always been on JP boards and I can proudly say that I grew up with this brand :-)



Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand Up Paddling, cycling, swimming, volleyball. I like almost all kinds of activities/sports with water, wind and nature. My biggest passion beside windsurfing is travelling and photography. Just as well spending time with my family and friends, going to the cinema, clubbing and simply having fun and a good time.
Oh I forgot, most of the girls love shopping – me definitely too!

Best day in my life:

Well, that’s not easy to say … luckily there has been so many that I can’t even decide which one was the best! But I will never forget the day I graduated from high school and by chance I also passed my driver’s license test the same morning – I never felt so free than that day :D

Best day possible:

Windsurfers can be satisfied with a little! A beautiful day spent in bikini at the beach, nice surf or sup session and an Italian aperitivo in good company to conclude a beautiful summer day. These are ‘ingredients’ for easy and perfect days!

Best 'vacation':

That’s even harder for me to say than which day was the best of my life. Every vacation is the best vacation in his own way because every place has his own beauty and new things to explore. But I definitely lost my heart in Australia when I lived and worked there for one year. I loved the beauty and variety of this country and of course because it is a paradise for surfers. I do really like Asia as well. But I enjoy travelling to cities, too; it is a different way of adventure. NYC for example makes you feel like being in the center of the world.

Favorite music:

My taste in music is really boring. I like mainstream music: Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Pitbull etc.

Favorite book:

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Book I read now:

My Lonely Planet Washington D.C. travel guide because I’m travelling to D.C. next week. But usually many (often boring) books for University.

Favorite motor vehicle:

Well, I’m not really into motor vehicles. I prefer my yellow California Beach Bike for cruising around and enjoying my surroundings.

Favorite spot(s):

I’m a lucky girl because my home spot is Torbole/Lake Garda and of course it is also one of my favorite spots. The beauty and the landscape of this lake are unique and it’s a Mekka for every kind of watersports. Italy is actually full of amazing spots; I also love Sardinia Island for wave riding and for its great beaches. The Canary Islands are also never disappointing. In reference to watersports I love Indonesia, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa and the BVI-Caribbean – well there are too many nice spots in this world!

Prefered JP board(s):

Slalom 66 & 60, Freestyle Wave 93.
SUP Hybrid and AllroundAIR.

Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':

Definitely Sweets and Handbags!

Inspired by:

Strong, funny and sportive girls like Bethany Hamilton.

Proud about:

I’m proud about speaking 4 languages fluent. I grew up in a region where you speak Italian and German side by side. The other two languages are French and English. I love to have this kind of language mix in my head and to communicate in different ways and different languages with people from all over the world. Languages and smiles can open doors!

Sport targets:

Beside national and international competitions I would like to participate at more PWA-events. At the moment it’s a temporal problem and a bit complicated because of University.

The future:

I can’t complain about my present at all, so I will go on with my studies, sports, travelling and trying to make the best of it.
Thewo things I really want to make come true in the future are skydiving and working as a volunteer in a disadvantaged country.


JP/ Neilpryde/Gloryfy and of course my dad :-)

My slogan (word I live by):

No Risk, No Fun!
You only live once, make the best of it!
No worries, be happy!


I started to windsurf when I was 7 years old and participated in my first competition when I was 10. Since that time I competed in many national and regional competitions in my home country Italy and also in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

anything else that you want the people to know about you:

Since two years we are organizing with Tatiana Howard and Lara Perini the ‘Butterfly Effect’ Lake Garda watersport events only for ladies. (see photo above)

Jp Profile SUP 3


  • 2016 Italian Champion Ladies Overall
  • 1st - Italian Championship Slalom ladies overall
  • 1st - Italian Championship Slalom ladies youth U-20
  • 5th - IFCA Slalom World Championship girls U-20
  • 1st - Italian Championship Slalom ladies youth U-20
  • 2nd - IFCA European Slalom Championship junior girls
  • First PWA-event