Andreas Jørgensen

Born02.10 1969
Sail No.-
Weight86 kg
Size183 cm
Marital Status-
Windsurfing since1985
PWA Tour since-
JP since2009



Cycling, running, music, literature, art

Best vacation

Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos

Favorite music

Pharaoh Overlord from Finland, Baba Zula from Istanbul, Miles Davis, Ellington, Fela Kuti……

Favorite JP-boards

Slalom and Quads

Best day possible

Sleep till 8 am, solid breakfast, work for some hours, maybe untill 3pm. The wind and waves are up, go wavesailing for three hours with some friends. Come home around 7 pm, cook some nice food, eat with friends, Pharaoh Overlord is playing at a concerthall nearby. Go to bed at 12pm. Repeat this the following day, but maybe there’s a new band in town.

Sport targets

As far as competition goes, I’m over the hill. But I really enjoy slalomracing and wavesailing. I spend a lot of time organizing windsurfcontests in Denmark and being headjudge on the danish wave/freestyle tour. I also worked for the PWA for about five years judging wave/freestyle and slalom. It’s important for windsurfing to reach wider media circles than the normal windsurfmedias and to be taken seriously as a sport. We need to be smart to attract the interest of normal people.


JP-Australia, NeilPryde

Something else you may want to know

Eeehhh well, I once won a local speedcontest in Denmark. For many years I have been involved in organizing and judging windsurfcontests in Denmark and internationally. It’s important to give windsurfers a good experience, when they enter a contest, when you find out what it takes and people are happy, it also makes me happy.