S-Glass Technology

S-Glass combines great durability with flex and low weight.

Over many years, windsurfers learned that Carbon would be the best material. And that’s what we believed, too. But a few years ago we started to test the S-Glass in prototype boards of our team riders and their test result told a different story:
On a high impact landing carbon boards do not flex and break. S-Glass can flex and thus these boards last longer!
We wanted to be absolutely sure that the S-Glass construction was as strong as the various former Carbon constructions while maintaining the same low weights. So the tests continued….

Today, the S-Glass material mix of our boards feature a better durability than Carbon boards, low weight and flex.
The flex of S-Glass offers great advantages for all maneuver oriented boards and thus is used in all JP wave boards: they feel smoother in every carving turn and are more forgiving.
All our team riders prefer the S-Glass construction over the former Carbon boards because they feel much smoother when carving up a wave and more forgiving when landing big jumps.

S-Glass is not used in freeride or slalom or freestyle board. Here, a stiff and direct board feel is the target in order to transfer the sail power directly into speed – especially in light winds. In Freestyle the riders also look for direct ‘pop’, flexible boards would not allow them to jump as high and perform their big moves.

Material wise, S-Glass is totally different compared to normal glass. It has a different chemical structure and superior physical properties: a significantly increased stiffness and tensile strength!
It is the most expensive glass available.

Overall, S-Glass offers an excellent blend of stiffness/flex and strength and light weight.

Also see -again- the video from the year 2014 when we introduced the S-GLASS technology on YouTube