PWA Sylt & Season 2018

Thanks for all photos to: PWA / John Carter

Video summary: The JP team at the 2018 Mercedes-Benz World Cup Sylt

The World Cup in Sylt –sponsored by Mercedes– is one of the highlights at the end of the PWA season and the rider are happy to return to Germany because it normally provides great conditions.

This year it was no different with great winds for all the four disciplines:

The highlight for JP in the wave discipline was Leon Jamaer’s performance: G-208 finished as the best German rider (ex-aequo with Koester) – a great achievement for the young German !
Morgan Noireaux was the other JP rider who could improve his ranking: the young Hawaiian gets more and more used to European conditions and finished better than ever before.

Amado Vrieswijk NB-20 was unlucky because he lost unexpectedly early in the single elimination. So he had to sail a long and intense double elimination which in the end did not help when he had to sail against the other top seeds riders as he already was tired. Nevertheless, he pulled off a great run and managed to sail to the event podium as well as in the annual PWA ranking (3rd).
Overall it was another successful PWA season for the JP freestyle team with 4 riders amongst the top-10: Amado in 3rd, Yentel Caers in 4th, Steven Van Broeckhoven in 5th and Sam Esteve in 8th.

The best JP rider in this event was Nico Warembourg FRA-531 who finished in the top-10. Pascal Toselli was in a great position to claim a top-5 spot in the annual Slalom ranking. Unfortunately, he could not perform at his peak level and he dropped back to #7th overall followed by Mateus Isaac in #9th – both riders can look back to a PWA successful slalom season with many successes and highlights !

In this discipline, JP did also very well with 5 riders with great results: Like earlier in the season Mateus Isaac BRA-767 sailed excellently and finished #5th, followed by Sebastian Kornum DEN-24 in 7th, Julien Bontemps in 8th, Amado Vrieswijk NB-20 in 11th and local rider Nico Prien GER-7 in 12th.
The annual PWA ranking looks equally impressive with 4 riders in the top-10 !

Congratulations to the whole JP team: great performance here in Sylt as well as during the whole long season!

JP results at the 2018 Mercedes-Benz World Cup Sylt

3 Amado Vrieswijk – NB 20
4 Steven Van Broeckhoven – B 72
5 Sam Esteve – F 79
7 Yentel Caers – B 16

FOIL – PWA Sylt 2018
5 Mateus Isaac – BRA 767
7 Sebastian Kornum – DEN 24
8 Julien Bontemps – FRA 6
11 Amado Vrieswijk – NB 20
12 Nico Prien – GER 7

SLALOM – PWA Sylt 2018
9 Nicolas Warembourg – F 531

WAVE – PWA Sylt 2018
7 – Leon Jamaer – G 208
13 – Robby Swift – K 89
17 – Morgan Noireaux – HI 101

JP rider’s 2018 annual PWA results

FREESTYLE – PWA 2018 Overall ranking
3 Amado Vrieswijk (4/3)
4 Yentel Caers (3/7)
5 Steven Van Broeckhoven (5/4)
8 Sam Esteve (5/9)

FOIL – PWA 2018 Overall ranking
5 Mateus Isaac (6/1/13/5)
6 Julien Bontemps (4/11/3/8)
7 Amado Vrieswijk (11/4/1/11)
9 Sebastian Kornum (12/7/8/7)

SLALOM – PWA 2018 Overall ranking
7 Pascal Toselli (5/6/2/7/16/15)
9 Mateus Isaac (37/4/8/18/12/18)

WAVE – PWA 2018 Overall ranking
9 Robby Swift (9/9/13)
12 Leon Jamaer (25/9/7)
15 Jules Denel (13/7/25)
26 Morgan Noireaux (33/25/17)
34 (Y) Miguel Chapuis (33/25/-)
39 Amado Vrieswijk (17/-/-)
47 (Y) Jake Schettewi (25/-/-)