Alexandra Menk

Born29 Jan. 1972 Bogotá, Colombia
Weight54 kg
Size152 cm
Marital StatusMarried
EducationGraphic Designer
SUP since2014
JP since2015

Instagram: @alexwaterchica
Facebook: Alexandra Villarreal Menk


Supsurf, SUP Racing, Kitesurfing, Crossfit, outdoors activities, traveling, exploring, hiking, painting, dancing.
Best day in my life:
The day I went beyond my limits at the time, and road my first powerful head high wave !!!! Realizing that everything is possible!!
Best day possible:
Glassy, shoulder to head high, perfect peeling right. In a beautiful, exotic, tropical place. But most importantly, sharing that moment with my friends!!
Best 'vacation':
Costa Rica in 2014 with the usual suspects!! An unforgettable week of adventures in the deep south of CR. Surrounded by jungle and exotic wildlife. Surfing perfect rights and Kitesurfing the most amazingly raw coast line.
Favorite music:
What ever makes my bones shake and my heart sing!!!
Favorite book:
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Book I read now:
100 Años de Soledad, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Favorite motor vehicle:
My 1967 VW Single cap truck!!!
Favorite spot(s):
Sweet home!! Costa Rica, San Andres and Cartagena in Colombia; Mexico, Baja California
Favorite JP SUP(s):
SURF 8'0" x 27" PRO EDITION SURF SLATE 7'2 x 28" PRO EDITION RACE 14'0" x 24.5 Carbon
Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':
The Ocean. Good waves. Good wind, for kitesurfing.
Inspired by:
I'm blessed to find inspiration from my wonderful family, my loving Husbandcito and my amazing talented, caring friends.
Proud about:
My life, my faith, my friends, family and adorable husband. Also proud of my battles, my winnings, losses and my lessons learned.
Sport targets:
To improve every day, enjoying the process. To hopefully get to a higher level in what I'm so passionate about.
The future:
Always bright! Can't wait to see what it rings me!
MG Surfline. Waterlust
My slogan (word I live by):
Do what you LOVE, LOVE what you do. Live your dream and share your passion. Live to give.
Anything else ...
I'm also a creative soul. Passionate Graphic Designer and now designing a new line of swim and active wear: MG SURFLINE. I have a huge respect for nature and the ocean. I chose to be environmentally conscious, protect Mother Nature and live sustainable!
I also Love to volunteer!!! 4 of my best friends and I, created KITING FOR KIDS, a non profit organization where we help kids battling Cancer and other diseases. I'm also part of Freedom Waters Foundation. Where we take kids with Cancer and their families on a boat trip. Helping them to have a day to get away from hospital and sadness to enjoy the Ocean in a fun trip full of laughters and fun dancing. LIVE TO GIVE!!!!



  • 1st Place. at The Orange Bowl. On my JP 14' Race Board, Woman Elite.
  • 1st Place. at KEY WEST PADDLEBOARD CLASSIC. On my JP 14' Race Board, Woman Elite.
  • 2nd Place. at The Ocean Warrior Challenge, Woman Elite. On my JP 14' Race Board.
  • 2rd Place. LA ROOTA REGATA. On my JP 12'6" Race Board, Woman Elite.
  • 3rd Place. At HOPE FLOATES PADDLE CLASSIC. On my JP 12'6" Race Board, Woman Elite.