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BornNew Orleans, LA, USA 25/07/1986
Weight91 kg
Size193 cm
Marital StatusMarried
EducationB.A. in Anthropology
SUP since2009
JP since2016

Web: chasekosterlitz
Facebook: chase.kosterlitz


Surfing, travel, photography, writing
Best day in my life:
The day my daughter was born.
Best day possible:
Wake up early for a dawn patrol beach break session here in San Diego. Come home to reload with some eggs, avocado and coffee. Head back out after the midday sun for a sunset session on the reefs.
Best 'vacation':
Exploring a foreign coastal country while experiencing new culture, food, landscapes and ocean conditions. I?d bascially like to do a SUP version of the original Endless Summer.
Favorite music:
Anything and everything.
Favorite book:
"The Alchemist", by Paulo Coelho
Book I read now:
Happiest Baby on the Block (new Dad)
Favorite motor vehicle:
My 1989 Ford Econoline van from college. Nickname: The Beast
Favorite spot(s):
The reef breaks around south San Diego county and NW Puerto Rico.
Favorite JP longboard:
Race 14' x 24.5"
Favorite JP shortboard:
Surf Pro 8'1"
Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':
I go through phases of obsessions. Besides surfing, my latest would have to be gardening.
Inspired by:
My wife's patience.
Proud about:
Living the life I want to live and following my passions.
Sport targets:
Win the Lost Mills SUP Championship again. Continue to improve my SUP surfing and exploring new places to paddle.
The future:
Raising my daughter to be a good human and to teach her to enjoy the natural environment we live in.
JP, Runa, NP Surf, Kaenon, Quickblade Paddles, Raw Elements
My slogan (word I live by):
If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


  • 1st Crystal Kai SUP Cup 2017
  • 1st SEAPaddle NYC
  • 7th Battle Of The Bay
  • 3rd Race the Lake of the Sky
  • 1st Florida Cup
  • 3rd Hanohano SUP Race
  • 9th Lost Mills SUP Championship
  • 1st Battle of the Bay
  • 4th Carolina Cup
  • 1st Round the Rock
  • Ranked 14th in the world by
  • 1st Battle of the Bay
  • 4th Carolina Cup
  • 1st Florida State Championships
  • 1st Tahoe Nalu
  • Ranked 13th in the world by