Leon rides Big Fuerte

[check Leon Jamaer G-208YouTube video called Fuerte Drop 2018->]

Leon Jamaer G-208 reports:

“Some years ago I surfed on Fuerteventura’s north coast and saw the potential for windsurfing. Sitting in cold Germany this February, I saw the promising forecast for swell and wind and I simply had to go! From the airport I went straight for a warm up session in over mast high waves.

The next day, I sat on the beach and watched for more than one hour as I wasn’t sure whether to go out or not because it looked huge and stormy but the channel is small. But in the end I gave it a try… Fully powered up on 4.2, my 88 liter board felt good, especially with a forgiving and control oriented fin setup. I had lots of waves but at the same time tried to not crash and destroy my only small rig on the rocks. Being all by myself in between mountains of water was unreal and it reminded me of those huge and fast open ocean swells on Hawaii.

The next day I was joined by Thomas Traversa, Julien Taboulet and Stephane Etienne and we had the waves to ourselves, only accompanied by one of the locals from time to time.
As I got used to the spot and more confident I wanted to risk more and really hit the lip. Eventually, I found a wave that looked good for an aerial. Everything went as anticipated until the wind took me so far up into the air I completely lost orientation and let go. The waves behind cleaned me up and sent me straight back to shore.
We were completely worn out and our bodies aching. So, we weren’t sad when the wind finally stopped after 4 days…”