Warembourg wins Defi Wind

Almost 1400 sailors from all over Europe participated at the Défi Wind 2018 and
this year Nicolas Warembourg FRA-531 took a sweet victory at the epic long distance race in the South of France!

Nicolas reports:
“I am very happy with this victory! Since I became part of the JP International Team in 2016, we worked hard with shaper Werner Gnigler to find a good balance between the boards’ slalom and long distance performance. And I think we got it spot on!

In the last 5 month I trained hard, sailed a lot, did physical preparations and optimized the trim of my gear. So, it is even more rewarding to achieve this title after all these efforts.

The races were amazing – very tactical and with strong winds. I used my JP Slalom 55 and 60 combined with my EvoX 5.6 & 6.4 and 29 & 31 centimeter fins. I was able to claim 3 victories in 3 races, which each race covering a distance of 40 kilometers.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling when you jibe at first mark and see 1350 riders sailing full speed towards you.
The Défi Wind is a perfect mix between performance racing, joining a huge windsurf community and celebrations. An awesome spectacle!”