PWA podium for Yentel

All photos John Carter/

Number #3 of the PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle event Yentel Caers B-16 reports:

“After winning two EFPT events lately I felt ready for the PWA tour stops and it worked out well. For a long time Fuerte has been my favorite event of the year due to the strong winds and really challenging conditions and this year wasn’t any different: All my heats I used the small quiver like 4,0 and 92L.
The level was even higher than I expected. The highlight for me was winning against my good friend and team mate Amado Vrieswijk who was sailing super good –as usual– despite his injury! Unfortunately the wind dropped after 2 super windy days and we couldn’t complete the full double elimination. The top riders could not sail anymore and their ranking from the single elimination counted. Now, I’m super happy to finish on the podium – 3th place!
And congrats to the whole team: 3 JP-riders in the top-5 and 4 in top-10!”

Here the top-10 riders: Yentel, Amado, Steven & Sam

And here is the report from Amado Vrieswijk – NB 20:

“The first PWA Freestyle- and a 5th slalom-event are finished. Unluckily, I got injured right before the start of the event and could not sail at my very best. Nevertheless, I’m happy that I could compete at all and sailed very well. Read all about Fuerteventura in my blog->.”

Amado showing the finest of this repertoire

JP rider results at the PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle event
3 – Yentel Caers – B 16
4 – Amado Vrieswijk – NB 20
5 – Steven Van Broeckhoven – B 72
9 – Sam Esteve – F 79
17- Jamie Howard – K 582

Steven produces some spray

Sam’s got quite some air for all his style