PWA: 2x No.1 for JP in Pozo (video)

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Alexa Escherich & Miguel Chapuis win the U20class
at the GRAN CANARIA Wind & Waves Festival

JP’s event video featuring action from the 2 winners and all the top JP as well as interviews (except for Amado, who left too soon for his next event in Fuerteventura) is here on the
YouTube Channel ->

JP results @ the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival
# 1 – U20 – Alexa Escherich – G 200
# 1 – U20 – Miguel Chapuis – E 99 [#33 mens]
# 4 – U20 – Jake Schettewi – HI 101 [#25 mens]
# 6 – U20 – Max Hochgrassl – E 50
# 9 – Robby Swift – K 89
#13 – Jules Denel – FRA 41
#17 – Amado Vrieswijk – NB 20
#25 – Leon Jamaer – G 208
#33 – Morgan Noireaux – HI 101

Alexa G-200 – U20 Young Gun No.1
“Now, the PWA in Pozo is over and I’m back on Fuerte. Unfortunately I am unable to participate in the freestyle World Cup because of my leg injury which happened when landing the last forward loop in my last heat. The doctors did an MRI on my leg and their conclusion is that I’m suffering from a broken tendon. Nevertheless, I still had a great time at the event in Pozo. Also, I am super happy with my result in the youth category: I took first place in the U20 Girls and took 13th in the women’s fleet. Not only the crazy, strong wind surprised me but also to see so many new young guns ripping out there in the stormy conditions. It was really nice to see so many people again this year and I can’t wait to come back next year – fully recovered!”

Miguel E-99 – U20 Young Gun No.1
“This year Pozo offered the best conditions that I’ve ever seen: We got really strong winds and big waves during all the week, so we were able to complete a full double elimination. For the first time I got a wild card for the main event which made me really happy even though I didn’t make it through any heat. It was really close that I could pass one heat in the double elimination but lost by 0.5.
However, in the juniors U20 category it went almost perfect for me. I was able to put together everything that I had been practicing! And in the final I even landed a really good goiter in the wave which gave me the victory in this category. Summing it up, I’m really happy with my experience to compete in Pozo this year and to finish on the podium.
Now, I’m focusing on Tenerife…”

Max E-50 and Jake US-25 – Young Gun No.6 and No.4

Jules FRA-41 and Leon G-208

Morgan HI-101 and Amado NB-20