JP victories at the German Championship

All photos: Multivan Windsurf Cup

The final tour stop of the Multivan Windsurf Cup (DWC) last week in Sylt was at the same time the “International German Championship”. German racers were partnered by participants from 3 further countries –Denmark, Italy and Switzerland– which upgraded the importance of the event!
The weather provided excellent racing conditions for spectators and great action was shown on the water with 4 slalom eliminations and 9 foil races throughout the week.
In the end this event saw lots of top-10 places for JP riders with 2 outstaning performances:

  • the first German Gold Medal for Nico Prien GER-7 in the RACE disciple and
  • the absolute dominance of Sebastian Kornum DEN-24 on his Hydro Foil board and his overall victory!

Event winner Sebastian Kornum DEN-24 reports:
“After a tough week with a lot of races and pressure, I am so happy to finally win the title “German Champion Overall”!
But I am even more excited about clearly dominating the foil races!

Before entering the event I already knew that the level was going to be very high and that everyone had trained hard to be fast on the foil. In the end, I won 8 of 9 foil races and came 2nd in the one race that I didn’t win. I felt really comfortable and safe on the whole racing course – on all tracks and no matter if there was chop or waves.
This is really important for me, and gives me great momentum for the Foil World Cup which will take place in Sylt later this year.
Also, I’m stoked to see my team mate Nico Prien being fast on our foil board, as he finished 2nd after me which gave him the official title as German Champion in Foil/Racing.
My two young Danish JP/NeilPryde team mates, Peter Nors (2nd Youth Overall) and Niklas Lillelund (1st in Youth Racing), also proved their talent with excellent performance and speed. It makes me happy to see their success, and I look forward to see what they will bring up next year.
And overall, it was great to see so many JP riders in the first third of the fleet.

On the Slalom course I had to fight a lot and finished 4th in the end. I didn’t train much slalom lately but will work on that now as the World Championship is coming up in about 5 weeks in Denmark. I know my boards and sails are amazing, so, it’s just a matter of putting in the hours on the water from now on.

Big thanks to my sponsors for helping me win!
JP-AUSTRALIA, NeilPryde, Pedersen&Nielsen – Nothing would be possible without you.”

JP event results: International German Championship – OVERALL
# 1 – Sebastian Kornum – DEN 24
# 4 – Nico Prien – GER 7
# 8 – Peter Nors – DEN 431 – #2 Youth
#10– Luis Ponseti – GER 293
#11– Dennis Müller – GER 98
#12– Jan-Moritz Bochnia – GER 9

JP results at the International German Championship – RACE (=Foil):
# 1 – Sebastian Kornum – DEN 24
# 2 – 1st German – Nico Prien – GER 7 –> German Race Champion !
# 7 – Niklas Lillelund – DEN 291 – #1 Youth
# 8 – Peter Nors – DEN 431 – #2 Youth
#10– Jan-Moritz Bochnia – GER 9
#14– Luis Ponseti – GER 293
#15– Dennis Müller – GER 98

JP results at the International German Championship – SLALOM:
# 4 – Sebastian Kornum – DEN 24
# 5 – Nico Prien – GER 7
#11– Jens Möller – GER 95
#12– Luis Ponseti – GER 293
#13– Dennis Müller – GER 98
#15– Peter Nors – DEN 431
#20– Jan-Moritz Bochnia – GER 9