Amado’s action start into 2018

Thanks for the photos: Kiyohisa Kuma Hosono | [link to the action packed freestyle YouTube video “NB-20 Amado Vrieswijk 2018 – Part 1]

Action, action, action…
Amado Vrieswijk NB-20 was really active in the first months of the year now, with lots of sailing and many videos!
Here is his report:

I started the year 2018 with a month of freestyle- and wave-training in Cape Town, but was happy to be back on Bonaire before leaving for 7 months on April 1st to start the season.
Coming home, the flu hit me hard and was hospitalized for 24 hrs for monitoring and after a week of rest the wind was light and could get back on the foil-board to warm up.

[Check NB-20 Amado Vrieswijk 2018Part 2 Vimeo foiling video->] – left image below

[and check Amado on the Intuition Vimeo foilboard clip->] – right image below

In the weeks before Eastern, Bonaire is known for its strong winds. And also this year the perfect conditions came right on time. We had great sessions with my friends in the Bay of Kralendijk, with Kiri’s boat and Mr. and Mrs. Kuma on board we all had a great time.

Result: two awesome videos with lots of action!

[check NB-20 Amado Vrieswijk 2018Part 1 YouTube freestyle video->] – image below

[and check the Island SessionPart 40 on facebook->] – right image
Finally the wind got strong enough to push in some nice waves and i could score some nice wave sailing sessions at home!

[check NB-20 Amado Vrieswijk 2018Part 3 YouTube wave video->] – right image

I feel ready for the new season and look forward to the upcoming freestyle-, slalom-, foil- and hopefully some wave-events.

Cheers from windy Bonaire!