2 consecutive EFPT victories for Yentel

All photos: Gwen Marche / EFPT.net

Congratulations to Yentel Caers B-16. The young Belgian summarizes the past two weeks full of emotions:

“2 event victories! What can I say? I’m super happy to start the season this way!!!

I entered the EFPT in Fuerte with a lot of confidence because I really have been training a lot in the previous months.
It was really cool to have a competition at a new location. We only had one day of wind but managed to sail a single and a double elimination! Matas Blanca offered flat water and about 20 knots. I sailed all the heats on the 5.2 and my Freestyle 92. It’s always nice to stay on the same equipment during the competition because you totally get used to it. Most competitors did some EFPT events a few weeks ago and were already in the “competition flow”.
But I enjoyed all my heats just like I would be free-sailing and totally forgot to feel stressed. This was probably the key of my success here!

Lanzarote is a different story! I needed to step up my game a lot because from the first heat on everyone was on fire. I couldn’t afford to make any mistakes. The forecast was looking great so it was obvious that we would sail two double eliminations! During the whole event it was a tough battle between Bosson and me for the victory.

Never before, I saw such a high level in a competition! The conditions provided strong winds and big waves.
The Freestyle 92 was my board of choice and most of the heats I sailed on 4.4 and my, some on 4.8 when the wind got a little lighter in the afternoon.

On starboard tack you would see al kind of double power moves and port tack the biggest jumps like shiftys, double loops,… so a fun place. Also here, I enjoyed every single heat. And it came down the last heat of the 4 days to decide who was going to win.

The final heat was sailed against my team mate and buddy Steven Van Broeckhoven B-72 who recovered well from his injury – obviously.
Here, Steven is pushing hard!

It helped a lot in my battle for the overall lead that Steven made it into the final !
But I also managed to claim victory in the heat against him which also put me in the lead of the second double elimination as well as the whole EFPT event on Lanzarote!

I’m also very proud that I managed to win two events within two weeks !


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