Chronology: The Early Years (’70s)

A child that didn’t need much sleep. Before Jason could walk there was no REAL problem. He walked at 11 month and so began a career of activities and demolition.

He was eating the cat food jointly with the cat.

Jason discovered some scissors.
“What to do with these? Yes, I need a haircut and while I am about it, so does the cat.”
He cut off the cat’s whiskers.
“Look mom, you’ve got new curtains and bedspread!”

Jason threw the stereo unit into the swimming pool.

Images: Jason riding Jaws 1998/99 (all images by Erik Aeder)

5-jears old Jason, used the F..K word.
Wendy, “Where did you learn that word ?”
Jason, “At kindergarten, mom.”

Spray painting dad’s car the wrong color.

Nick, “Honey, where is the camera?”
Wendy, “Jason, you had it hanging around your neck?”
Jason, “I put it there”, pointing at the automatic garbage compactor.

Flooding the bathroom.

Putting graffiti over the lounge wall rooms.

Thank good, school starts at age 5.
Wendy, “Jason, you will come home, when the bell rings!”
With the first bell, Jason was back home before the breakfast dishes were dry.

Jason’s primary and secondary school years were good. He played in all of the school action sports, but hid away in the boring ones i.e. cricket.