Chronology: 2014 & 2015


After 5 years without Jason catching any Kona winds, it now finally happened again. And Robby shared this great KONA DAY.

In summer Jason was all hyped up when the forecast for Fiji was good and Cloud Break delivered an epic day – A DAY TO REMEMBER
[Photo: Beaupilgrim]

Winter 2015, the Hawaiian Islands were hit by some massive waves and Jason Polakow KA-1111, Robby Swift K-89 and Morgan Noireaux HI-101 scored an awesome session in Peahi (Jaws). Next day the wind shifted to Kona direction but the same swell was still pumping – more action was granted further down the coast in Lanes – PEAHI TO LANES
[Photo: Erik Aeder]

…to be continued…