SUP Fishing

Photos: Marko Butraković, Rick Iossi

Running silent

Recently paddlers and anglers have discovered the pleasure of SUP fishing. If they are already exciting activities themselves, why not joining them to the same sport? With the number of people interested continually increasing and proposing more and more challenging activities in SUP fishing, we are proud to bring a light to our perceptions about it.

Approaching the fishing spots with a SUP board is challenging, but in the same intensity, rewarding. People can use the same techniques from traditional angling on a SUP board, despite they have to adapt some moves to the new device. But as soon as they realize the board running so silent, it really makes sense to them to try.

The biggest advantage of the SUP boards compared to kayaks and boats is that the vision has a higher reach, because the fisherman is standing up on a platform instead of seating. And if it is possible to see more, it is easier to search more fish and catch more of them also. The board has less area and volume to struggle with the rod, making difference in your performance. Finally, the SUP is lighter, cheaper and easier to get to the fishing spots.

But if you want to enjoy the advantages of a SUP board for fishing, you should have a good plan before starting. Considering that you spend a lot of time standing up there, you need to feel well on a stable and comfortable board. Then go for some lessons before going to the fishery if you are inexperienced. Even if you have some experience with the sport, don’t forget to always have with you a personal flotation device for safety reasons. Another good tip is to bring the minimal amount of gear as possible.

Each spot has its own secrets, doesn’t matter if it is a lake, a river or a beach. So the best thing is to study the local conditions and be aware of the problems that could happen. But the best thing is that the SUP board is ready to face all the situations, always running silent to help you to catch the fish.


SUP fishing in the night

Most of the anglers know that the night can be a very good time for the fishery, but often difficult to find spots due to lack of visibility. In order to make this easier for the fishermen, JP-Australia have created the Outback board with a Light Capsule. With this device, it is easier to find the best spots. Then, of course, we know that the fish often don’t like light, so you can turn off the light. And after it, you can use this water tight device to store the keys, the cellphone or even a drink!