Young Gun Camp in Denmark

Photos by West Wind

The Young Gun Camp in Denmark was a huge success!

With 46 young guns from Denmark, Norway and Poland the camp was full and the instructor team was working hard to make it a good experience for all levels. Some kids were intermediates and needed to focus on harness, jibes etc. Others were very advanced and focused on slalom and wave sailing.

Like last year, JP team rider Steven Van Broeckhoven B-72 helped out. He is a gift for all of the kids – as well for the instructor team! We couldn’t ask for a better pro windsurfer to inspire the young guns! A lot of the kids knew Steven from 2016, so they were more comfortable with him and asked lots and lots of questions about his lifestyle, his gear, his training etc. Steven was all relaxed, blended in very well and took his time to answer.

Every day of the camp week saw nice wind conditions. So, even the “wave-boys” got a nice session in Blåvand with Steven and Nicolaj Klitgaard on the first day.

It was lots of work to get 46 kids prepared and ready to go on the water every day. But as a “reward” it was amazing to see how big the progress of every one of them was on the last camp day. What a wonderful week!

This weekend we had 20 kids joining the Kiddy Camp – a “Mini Young Gun Camp”…..
I’m very happy to see that the next generation of windsurfers is ready to enter the sport!

Best wishes from Mette and West Wind.