PWA Freestyle Vice World Champion – Amado !

All photos: John Carter / PWA

Amado Vrieswijk is the new PWA Freestyle Vice World Champion 2017!
3 JP riders in the top-10

Amado Vrieswijk NB-20
After an amazing single elimination, Amado was waiting in the double elimination for his challenger – the winner of the battle between #3rd and #4th:
In this semi-final, Amado was all up and ready, sailed flawless, barely touchin’ the water in any of his moves and landed the highest scoring move ever PWA history – a double air culo @ 25 pts! With the second highest score (123,4 pts) of the day he clearly proceeded to the final.
But in the next all-important final, the wind died and Amado –still on the small sail of the previous heat– was not planing at times and heavily underpowered most of the 8 minute heat. There was not enough time to return to the shore and swap to a bigger sail. Thus, visitors and commentators could feel his frustration being not able to show his best. In the end, Amado managed to finish closer to Gollito than expected with 104.5 pts – very much to the surprise of everybody, wondering where he’d found those points… Even though he was highly disappointed right after his heat, he still can be happy with his excellent performance during this season.

Amado rotating over troubled waters…

Sam Esteve F-79
Sam sailed 4 heats and made the crowds cheer and shout with the highest total score of the day – 125.4 pts! Sam finished as the best French freestyler of this event and with his best event result so far – a stunning performance and another great promise, that he is one of the hottest contenders of the future!

Sam making tough tricks look easy!

Yentel Caers B-16
3rd best JP rider of this event was Yentel Caers who was the marathon sailor of the day sailing 5 heats in a row. He kicked out 1 Swiss and 3 Italian riders scoring between ~100-120 pts. in each of the runs but then lost against his on-form team mate Sam Esteve.

Yentel pushing his score

JP results of the PWA Freestyle Event in Sylt:
2 – Amado Vrieswijk NB-20
4 – Sam Esteve F-79
6 – Yentel Caers B-16
17 – Julien Mas FRA-07
17 – Steven Van Broeckhoven B-72
25 – Antoine Martin F-193
33 – Tilo Eber G-414
33 – Tony Mõttus EST-21
33 – Jamie Howard K-582
33 – Kiri Thode NB-61

High stalled forward loop from Amado