Morgan Noireaux wins Aloha Classic

All photos: IWT | Crowther

Morgan Noireaux HI-101 writes history – again:
He was the first windsurfer to win the Aloha Classic in two consecutive years, 2014 and 2015.
And now Morgan topped that!
By taking his 3rd title in 2017, Noireaux is the second most successful rider at the Aloha Classic and one of only four riders scoring 3 or more wave event victories in Ho’okipa.

Congratulations Morgan to this outstanding success!

Here is what the new crowned winner had to say:


“It feels amazing to have won at Ho’okipa again. I’m always looking to win but it’s so difficult that it’s a surprise when it actually happens!

Looking back I’d have to say this was the toughest final I’ve had at Ho’okipa. All four of us had very high scores and it was going back and forth throughout the entire final.

I started off the day with another difficult heat against Bernd Roediger, Levi Siver, and Kai Lenny. I was really nervous for this heat and came in thinking I’d lost, but once I realized I’d actually won it gave me a lot of momentum and confidence going into the final.

The first wave in the final was a really good one. Knowing that it gave me a good score, I just focused the rest of my time on getting a 2nd one. I finally got a second score I felt was good but I knew that with Bernd in the heat, standard wave riding might not be enough. I landed a goiter and followed it up with a pretty good turn. There wasn’t much time after this so I tried one last air taka, which I timed to late, and sent my gear straight into the rocks. My gear was fine though and I climbed out with people telling me I’d won. Hands down the best exit I’ve had coming in from the rocks at Ho’okipa!”