Mateus wins in Brazil


Mateus Isaac BRA-767 wins at the Brazilian Nationals and reports:

We had amazing conditions in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, for the first stop of the Brazilian Nationals. We managed to race on almost every single size sail and board size, showing that the person who was tuned and ready with the equipment had the advantage. I was lucky to have my JP Slalom boards and NeilPryde sails ready!

On the first day, the wind started light, I used 8.6 with the 85 wide board, but quickly changed down to 7.8 and 71 Slalom board. The wind kept increasing, and we finished off using the 7.0 with the 62 wide boards. I managed to win all the 4 finals!


Second day the wind was more consistent and strong. We used 7.0 and 71 wide board in the beginning and finished off using 6.4 and 62 wide. I won all the 3 finals again on that day.


Last day of event the wind turned offshore and we used 8.6 and 85 wide boards, very gusty and shift conditions but still fun! I won 2 out of the 3 finals we had and was very, very happy to win the first stop of the Nationals!”

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