Leon Jamaer – German Wave Champion!

Thanks for all photos to Thomas Burblies / Choppy Water GmbH

End of July the International German Championships 2017 took place in Sylt. The conditions allowed to run all disciplines and to crown the new champions. The greatest result for JP was the victory of

Leon Jamaer G-208:
The PWA rider once again proofed that he is the best German wave rider. His victory in wave riding and his 5th place in the freestyle discipline also put him on the podium overall: #3 !

Here is what Leon had to say:
“Sylt provided the wave conditions we all hoped for – perfect southerly sideshore winds up to ~30 knots. I felt comfortable on the water and was in competition mode from the first heat on. In the final the wind decreased and turned onshore and luckily I caught a wave with many steep sections all the way from the sandbank to the beach allowing a lot of turns – a gift from the North Sea that helped me win! ”

Leon’s backside hack | On the podium

Leon’s German O-tone:
“Wir hatten endlich die Windsurfbedingungen, die man sich für Sylt wünscht: 7 Bft aus SSW also genau sideshore. Ich habe mich vom ersten Heat an wohl gefühlt und hatte ein gutes Gefühl auf dem Wasser. Im Finale, als der Wind schon runtergegangen ist und auflandig gedreht hat, habe ich glücklicherweise eine Welle zum Abreiten erwischt, die von der Sandbank bis zum Strand immer wieder steil wurde und jede Menge Turns erlaubte – ein Geschenk der Nordsee, das mir zum Sieg verholfen hat!”

Leon Jamaer GER-208: Results at the German Championship
Freestyle #5
Wave #1
Overall #3

Dennis Müller GER-89
…was the most consisten JP rider at this event with most top-5 results. Dennis sailed exceptionally well but unfortunately missed the podium in every discipline and with only the best two disciplines counting for the overall ranking his steady performance does not show in the final result.

Dennis Müller GER-89: Results at the German Championship
Slalom #4
Wave #5
Formula #5
Overall #8

Dennis completes his rotation

Nico Prien GER-7
…was probably the unluckiest fellow of this event. He already managed to sail very good in the Racing discipline and made the podium there. So he hoped for another good result in Slalom – one which reflects his abilities and which he was able to make in previous events. And Nico was in a promising position! But in the last Slalom heat he got run over by a recklessly and dangerously sailing opponent. This killed this heat’s ranking, consequently the Slalom ranking and as a final consequence a good overall result. Actually a big upset! The frustration about this unfair ‘attack’ was too big for Nico to be happy about the podium place in Formula.

Nico Prien GER-7: Results at the German Championship
Formula #3
Slalom #9
Overall #9

Nico rounds the buoy

Jan-Moritz Bochnia GER-9
…showed a steady performance throught the event and in every discipline and just missed an overall top-10 result.

Jan-Moritz Bochnia GER-9: Results at the German Championship
Formula #9
Slalom #5
Wave #13
Overall #11

Jan-Moritz jibing

Further good German results came from Jens Möller and young racing talent Luis Ponseti.
Jens Möller GER-95: Results at the German Championship
Formula #13
Slalom #13
Overall #21

Luis Ponseti GER-293: Results at the German Championship
Slalom #33
Wave #17
Overall #35

Several Danish riders participated in Sylt like the Junior Simon Nors DEN-43 who finished #28 in Slalom and his brother in the Youth class Peter Nors DEN-431 #29 in Slalom.

Peter speeding on his Slalom board

The biggest talk of this event was Sebastian Kornum’s foiling performance: DEN-24 could compete with his JP HydroFoil 135 PRO board in the Racing Class and with jibes like this one he totally dominated the fleet!

Sebastian won all 5 formula races, each 2-3 minutes ahead of the current Formula World Champion 2017. The spectators were totally blown away when they saw that the German riders on Formula boards had absolutely NO chance to keep up.
This had two results:
First, all the riders on Foil boards were not listed in the Racing results.
Secondly Sebastian had to give many interviews and had to answer tons of questions from the people on the beach.