JP Young Gun Classic Camp record


New record at the JP Young Gun Classic Camp in Klitmøller

More than 70 youngsters have already signed up for the annual JP Young Gun Classic Camp, that takes place in Klitmøller 15-18th October. And more are expected to come…
Together with their families and a number of coaches and supporters, it means a total of more than 200 people sharing a lot of fun in the many spots around Klitmøller.

Besides being one of the biggest camps in the world for kids and youth, it is indeed also the coldest with night temperatures around zero. But what makes so many families join the camp year after year?

JP teamrider and camp coach Sebastian Kornum explains:
“in fact the cold is not a problem. We are active all day long, and we wear warm suits and gloves and boots. Young Guns at all levels and ages are highly motivated and driven by the sport and the social atmosphere that has always been around the camp since my parents first started it 13 years ago. Kids love the action, and their parents love to be able to provide such an active holiday together with many other families around the country. I am sure it could happen anywhere in the world as long as there are adults who are willing to spend the time and create the frame around it”.

JP Young Gun Classic started out as a pure windsurfing camp back in 2004. Today, it is open for all surf sports with windsurfing still being the most popular. A team of six coaches are guiding the young guns through many great hours in the water and many social happenings around Klitmøller. The camp takes place 15-18th October.