Chronology: 2013


This year held ready two of Jason’s most memorable -because horrible- big wave adventures.
The first stike came 1st of February when the forecast for Jaws was good. Robby and Jason were ready to start their trip to Jaws when Jason realzied that the Jetski was broken. So, KA-1111 came up with the crazy idea to launch from the cragged and rocky coast of Peahi to sail the big waves of Jaws. The question here is, “What didn’t go wrong?” But other than Jason, Robby K-89 had a great session and both brought some great pictures and a mad story…

In December Backyards on Oahu was on again – at least Jason thought so. KA-1111 had a few epic wave rides but then experiences his very own SURVIVAL 101.


…to be continued…