Tim Chandler

Born28/03,1971, Texas
Weight84 kg
Size178 cm
Marital Statusmarried
SUP since2007
JP since2013


surfing, fishing, free diving, expedition travel. downtime = xbox
Best day in my life:
Walking in the late afternoon sun with my wife, kids, and future daughter-in-law on the beach in Laguna last year. I realized that I could stop there in that moment and be happy with how it all turned out. Pretty good day.
Best day possible:
Best day may be tomorrow...
Best 'vacation':
Mentawaii Islands and all the stops along the way.
Favorite music:
Depends on the mood! A bit of everything.
Favorite book:
The Prophet
Book I read now:
The Heart Sutra (Red Pine translation)
Favorite motor vehicle:
I drive a 10 year old Toyota truck and hope it never dies...
Favorite spot(s):
South Orange County California, Carlsbad and North County San Diego (and all parts in between)
Favorite JP SUP(s):
I alternate the Slate 7’2" and the 7’6" with the Surf 8’2". Love the 12’6x27" Race and the Sportster.
Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':
I need a restraining order against my XBox.
Inspired by:
Lifeguards and other first responders.
Proud about:
My 26 year marriage, my kids, and being fitter at 45 than ever - thanks in large part to surf and SUP.
Sport targets:
Catalina crossing, and continued pursuit of personal distance bests coupled with further off-grid expeditions/exploration. For surf we’re heading back to the Mentawaii Islands this year as well as Central America - pursuing the best surf experinces I can find.
The future:
I competed in my 20s with longboard surfing - been enjoying getting back into the fun of local comps.
SUP to You Boardshop
Anything else ...
“I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee…”