JP riders in Tenerife (video)

All photos: John Carter | PWA

Robby Swift was the highest ranked JP rider of the PWA event in Tenerife. K-89 reports:

We had probably the best conditions we have ever had throughout the entire contest in Tenerife. The waves were a pretty good size and the wind was anywhere between 4.2-5.3 (which is quite stable for Tenerife). It meant that I was able to try all my boards, using everything from the 75-95L Radical Thruster Quads and even the 86 Wave Slate for a couple of heats. Unfortunately for me I had a tough seeding, coming up against Victor Fernandez in the quarter finals of the single and Philip Koster for 5th/6th place in the double. I made the best I could out of the conditions and put together some of my best heats ever, finishing up with the highest heat score total of my life of 34 points against Koster. The whole team sailed great and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the contest.
I hope you enjoy the highlights video!

Video: JP Team @ PWA Tenerife 2016 (YouTube)

Morgan Noireaux HI-101 throws a nice arc of spray. | Antoine Martin F-193 rotating over Leon Jamaer

Leon Jamaer G-208 (top turn) and Jules Denel FRA-41 (no-hand flight) both sailed some good heats and were able to improve their last year’s result: 13th.

K-89 – airtime

Showman Antoine Martin F-193 pulls off some crowd pleasers to finish 2nd in Siam Park Tow-In Night Exhibition.
Robby Swift K-89 carves hard through a wave-360.