Design Team

Werner Gnigler

  • Marital status: married to Gitti, son Max
  • Windsurfing since:  1976
  • Professional board shaper: 1985
  • Hobbies: powder skiing, mountain bike, tennis, snowboarding
  • Best ‘vacation': West coast Australia and the Bacardi HIHO
  • Favorite spot(s): Cape Town
  • Personal ‘madness’ & ‘obsessions': powder skiing and snowboarding
  • Reflections: For 15 years I worked for F2 and shaped many popular boards like the Comet Slalom or the Xantos ranges. Since 2000 I am with JP and am responsible for the whole board and fin range. It is always a great feeling when one of my boards like the Freestyle Wave turns out to be a test winner and becomes a successful best seller. Especially when you see happy people on the water with this board.”
  • Philosophy: do not be too serious, just go windsurfing

“I often get asked how we can come up with new products every year. Some are suspicious and believe it is all about marketing and nothing is really new. The truth is, I learn something new with every single prototype I build and test. Sometimes it amazes me what big effects small changes can have and that allows us to improve the boards again and again. That’s driving me, as I know there is always room for improvement.”