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in Carbon Technology


We developed this one by merging the former Power and Speed Formula boards. In choppy conditions you constantly need to trim and level out the board in order to get maximum speed. We added some outline curve in the tail making it easier to find the ideal water position of the board. Due to this outline it feels looser under your feet, so it is easy to keep it ‘flying’. It powers up straight away and flies over the fin. It is so balanced and well trimmed that it is easy to keep the pressure on the fin and soar upwind.

The wide tail creates plenty of power that is instantly converted into lift to further help with upwind sailing. At the same time it‘s easy to release all that power and transfer it into maximum speed. We achieved this with a progressive bottom V-flow that also makes it accelerate to unknown speeds on the downwind course. It also takes pressure off your legs making it easy to handle all this lift, and consequently allows you to go faster and faster.


Specifications shaped by Werner Gnigler

Formula Length
cm / inch
cm / inch
W. PRO +/-6%
kg / lbs
Fins Sails
100 229.5
173 8.8
Deep Tuttle Box
ideal: >9.5
rec.: >7.0
Formula 100
cm / inch
cm / inch
W. PRO +/-6%
kg / lbs
Deep Tuttle Box
Sailsideal: >9.5
rec.: >7.0


Straps incl. 2 screws. Rounded plastic belts, pre-formed, comfortable shape. Adjustable plastic plates for width adjustment. Footstrap-2014  


Ideal arch shape to perfectly fit your feet. Thick neoprene cover for great comfort.


Adjustable in width not just in length as all other straps on the market. By simply turning the plastic plate by 180 degrees, the width of the foostraps can be reduced by 0.6cm (one plate) respectively 1,2cm (both plates). Great for slalom sailors who need a tight connection to the board and for youngsters or women with smaller feet.

Adjust your Foot Strap SIZE for very large foot strap sizes, change the Anti Twist plate for the outside position (recommended for foot size 44 and up)

  • remove the screw
  • remove the Anti Twist plate
  • insert the Anti Twist plate into the holes of the profile belt
  • put the top plastic part back on the pins
  • insert the screw
  • adjust the size of the foot strap to fit your foot

5 Steps for a NARROW Foot Strap:

  • remove the screw
  • pull off the top plastic part
  • rotate the top plastic part 180°
  • put it back on the pins
  • insert screw and mount the strap


3D Footstrap

incl. 2 screws. Comfortable padding, changeable to asymmetrical shape when the strap is not centered - very comfortable!


symmetrical - for rear center strap asymmetrical - for front straps and rear straps on the rail



Super Sport, Super Lightwind, Formula, Slalom

Less wetted area and volume in the tail for increased control, better top speed, and easier jibing.


Store your board in mild (neither hot, nor cold; not exposed to sunlight), dry places ! Winter storage: non-freezing (constantly above +5°C).
Note: Avoid storage in closed, damp conditions like in a wet boardbag! So, after windsurfing and safe transport put the board out of its bag and let both dry separately - otherwise your board will suffer from osmosis and blisters (bubbles) will show up on the boards surface. And your bag might start to smell.



Damages caused by impacts are not covered under JP-Australia's limited warranty. Therefore, JP-Australia highly recommends the use of a nose protector.

Especially recommended for novices and everybody, who wants to protect the board nose.

The universal protector: Made of EVA, the UNI NOSE PROTECTOR is a very light yet strong protection. It is easy to handle as it is simply glued onto the nose.

The set consists of 5 pieces: 2 side parts (one left and one right), and 3 connections in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

By combining the two sides with the appropriate connection at the front, noses of almost all standard board sizes and shapes can be covered efficiently.

This makes it an universal protector not only for JP boards but for most boards available on the market.

Please note: The uni nose protector is not made for the use on demo boards or in windsurfing centers, but for private use only!

DOWNLOAD: NoseProtector_Uni_Manual.pdf


Since 2004 the first JP PRO Edition boards have a (SUPER) LIMITED FINISH. By reducing the amount of paint (sanding off) the weight is decreased. Consequently, the boards have a custom look with certain "imperfections" in the paint, thus the material below might shine through. Sometimes they even look as if repaired. This is also true for the Full Wood Sandwich boards as they now feature a LIMITED FINISH, too. You won't find two boards exactly the same. We believe this is worth it as the weight reduction is substantial and there's no loss of durability or strength.



airvalveWe highly recommend to open the air valve screw when the board is not used. Reason: Due to high pressure differences the sandwich construction suffers from high stress and can delaminate long term from the board's core. This will result in a soft spot and start absorbing water. Pressure differences are caused by high temperature variations or other pressure variations from e.g. aero planes. Do not forget to close the air vent before going on the water!

FORMULA BOARDBAG / 230 x 100 cm 2015: Formula

Heavy duty padding with extra padding on nose and side, comfortable handles. boardbag_formula