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PWA Freestyle – Amado 4th in Fuerte!


Thanks for all action photos: PWA / John Carter

Amado Vrieswijk NB-20 had a stunning event in Fuerteventura.

Due to a knee handicap NB-20 did not do too good in the first single and double eliminations. But then he got used to the problem, his knee taped and he came back super strong:
For the first time in his career Amado managed to win a PWA elimination!

Amado style and a super high push loop!

In the second double elimination Vrieswijk had to wait a long time and unfortunately could not find his groove in the final. But then in the super final Amado was back on form pulling off an air kabikuchi and skopu but landed his kono outside the contest area which in the end was a decisive disadvantage in an otherwise tight heat.
So, with this second place Amado Vrieswijk finished in 4th position at this event on Fuerte!

Yentel’s super high pasko and a nice rotation just in front of the beach.

The PWA mentioned another standout JP rider – the young Belgian Yentel Caers B-16 who had sailed super solid heats with a high-level performance! Yentel was very happy with his result here and finished 11th, just like his team colleague from France Julien Mas FRA-7 who also showed stunning freestyle performance throughout the whole event!

Julien Mas on form!

Also worth mentioning is the performance of the German Marko Lufen G-2626 how sailed very well and came 24th.
It was the first PWA event for our young French rider Sam Esteve F-79 who was the youngest competitor in this event. Sam is not happy at all with his result – 33th – but still has to get his credits, first of all for his good performance and secondly for the lesson learned: “….it shows me how I have to train harder….. I want to continue to learn and to progress for ever to give the best of myself…. “

Great moves from Marco and Sam!