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Hans Kreisel : 100km/h

All photos: Jildau Mulder (J.M. Fotographie) – Hans on his 2014 JP SPEED 45.

02. June, Hans Kreisel NED-85 broke the (“his”) GPS speed record – 100,26 km/h!


Hans Kreisel reports for
World Record open water/natural speed venue ;)
Damn what a day! I was contacted by a reporter for a story about me and speedsurfing and the speeds I’m doing lately. My goal: to be the fastest windsurfer in the world. They chose the right day to come filming!!!! My first run out directly dis my fastest run and peaked 100,26km/h!
Conditions were really rough and extreme downwind, especially going into the run. A lot of guys were really struggling getting on the course. I was happy that I have been sailing a lot in extreme wind conditions lately, so, I didn’t have any problems. I really tried hard to get in 5 runs above 90km/h but just couldn’t get in the 5th run because the upcoming tide make it even harder. I almost crashed into the bank with 86km/h – just managed not to crash. Only the last run I just took a little too much risk and crashed big time…
I’m a bit stiff right now but super stoked and really happy. Everything is filmed by a good camera and a gopro. I’ll let you know when the footage will go online and is on TV. Big thanks to my sponsors, NeilPryde, JP-Australia, Maui Jim, Jonker Funsports Renesse, Vitaalwerk, NP wetsuits and off course EENVANDAAG FOR FILMING to give the sport a boost and the attention it deserves!!!


Photographer Jildau Mulder’s feedback about the day:
I was with Fabian Blanke at The Brace and he was sailing. For him the conditions were very difficult, because of the chop. But he had made some personal records for himself. For both of us it was the first time in such rough conditions and our first time at the spot. So, it was a lot of walking that we normally don’t do. As photographer it was hard because the lens I was using was bigger then normal for me. It cought a lot of wind and it was hard to hold it stable. But it was fantastic to be so close to the big surfguys and learn from them by looking at their skills.
It was an amazing day for all of us!