SUP 2014

Keahi injured!


Keahi de Aboitiz reports:

After a pretty good run of no real serious injuries it looks like my time finally came over the last month. First up was the trip through the South Pacific where we scored some amazing waves in some of the most picturesque perfect locations I’ve ever been to. Unfortunately underneath that perfect wave was one of the sharpest shallowest reefs I’ve ever seen. Towards the end of a really fun day of surfing, I went over the falls on a decent set and found myself getting ground along the bottom. After looking at my leg it was clear I did some damage with a deep gouge almost to the bone and some other scrapes all over my leg. This put me out of the water for most of the trip and after a little infection it was healed up and I was back in Aus. Unfortunately this wasn’t the end of my troubles…..

I decided to do a day trip down to the gold coast and surf snapper rocks. After some really good barrels, I took off late behind the rock on a heavy one and found myself free falling. Unfortunately I managed to land square on my right foot on the sand snapping both, my tibia and fibula. Now I’m on crutches for the next 6 weeks with a couple pins and a plate in my foot – so, looks like I’m out of the water for a little while. Hoping for a quick recovery. I’ll keep you posted…..


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