JP 2014

Eastwind Center on Danish Bornholm


Young Danish surfer made his own center

22 year old Jonas Bagger believed in the potential, when he decided to establish his own windsurf, SUP and kite center on the Danish island Bornholm.
Today, he owns a very successful and constantly growing center, and a dream has come true for the young Dane, who manages to take care of his university studies alongside with the center management. From the white sandy beach in the southern part of the island, he makes hundreds of lessons and rentals throughout the summer.

Bornholm is a scenic island in the middle of the Baltic Sea south of Sweden. Famous for its unspoiled nature and authentic villages along the coast. It is well known for the highest number of sunny hours in the summer, and for 250 km of bicycle trails, and last but not least for the clean waters and sandy beaches in the south, and rocky beaches in the north.


Jonas Bagger explains:
“I contacted Neilpryde Scandinavia with my plans around three years ago, and they supported me from day one. I showed them an optimistic budget and we agreed on a kind of cooperation that goes not only on products but also on marketing and events. I needed this kind of supplier, and they wanted more activity in the Danish surf sceneso it was a win-win scenerio.”

“It didn’t take us much time to make a plan for the equipment, and shortly after my visit I could open the center and offer the first lessons. The local government supported me too, because obviously it is a great asset for the tourism to have a center. Also the local citizens on Bornholm welcomed me, because the center gave a lot of new activities for young people on the island. The success was so big that I needed more instructors already first year, and I hired a couple of the young Danish JP/NP team riders for shorter or longer periods. Sebastian Kornum also came over to the island and spent a week with us. The local TV and other media made interviews with him, and he made clinics and shows for the tourists. Sebastian loves the place and keeps coming here in the summer when he has time off from regattas.”

The Eastwind center makes hundreds of courses and rentals on both windsurf, SUP and kitesurf, and is open during the summer period June-July-August. More information on