Coen Swijnenburg

NED 262

Born26. February 1997
Sail No.NED 262
Weight74 kg
Marital StatusChanging all the time
Educationhighschool havo
Windsurfing since2005
PWA Tour since
JP since2010

Coen presents & DS Promotions present – a nice movie of our 14 years old youth Slalom talent. Check the ~2min video on vimeo



Slalom and Formula


A lot of different music styles




JP-Australia, Neil Pryde,  De Kurenpolder, VitaalWerk, Jonker Funsports


My favourite boards is the SLALOM VIII 78  (ltr) and the Formula Power


World Champion Formula Junior (U17) 2012
2nd World Championships Slalom (U17) 2012
2nd World Championships Slalom (U15) 2011
4th Youth Dutch Championships Slalom stage Hoorn 2011
3rd Youth Dutch Championships Formula stage Hoorn 2011
1st U15 The Mission 2010,

What are your plans for the next year?

Entering the PWA, improving on my startegic and tactic skills,  having a lot off fun

When did you realize windsurfing would become your life?

The first time I stept on a windsurf board I didn’t like it. I fell over and over again, but when I first got planing then I really started to like it. The experience of my first competition, the trill of sailing in the middle of the fleet to the jibe, I was stoked.

What something outside of windsurfing are you interested in?

I really like snowboarding and playing guitar, too.

What's the best thing about your lifestyle/sport?

The feeling that I get when I step on a windsurfboard. The freedom of wind and water.

What does it mean to you to be a JP team rider?

Being part of team is awesome, the best board brand with great stye and performance. I’m just a youngster who may sail the best stuff – that’s a kick

What do you want more than anything?

To become a professional windsurfer winning the PWA World Championships. Seeing the whole world, meeting all kind of people, enjoying wind, water and sun

Describe your best water experience:

The first time planing through a jibe.