Surfing and Windsurfing pt.8

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2011 – What a year!

15. March, Peahi (“Jaws”) was hit by a huge swell and fortunately the trade winds were already blowing. Jason was there. And so were photographers and a camera team. The result: stunning photos and a podcast which can be called a mile stone – one of the most impressive windsurf videos presents the ultimate of down-the-line wave sailing performance today.

Read more -> JAWS 2011-03-15 and check the video:

Photos: Erik Aeder and Tracy Kraft-Leboe

Winter in the Southern hemisphere sees the biggest swells and Jason is watching out for them. At about midsummer a swell hit Tahiti. Jason did not bother too much that the wind did not fill in because he had a fantastic surf session in Teahupoo. Right afterwards the next swell arrived, this time further west and Jason went to Fiji to be the first ever windsurfer to ride famous Cloud Break - both adventures are captured on this video.

Photo: Stuart Gibson

For almost the whole season Jason had another video project on mind. It should be something different to all windsurfing videos so far. But it took him quite some time to finish it. It was the third podcast he published this year: the video Extraction.

…to be continued…