Enez Yilmaser

Slalom VIII • Single Thruster

BornTrabzon, Turkey, 03.Jan.1990
Sail No.TUR 2
Weight89 kg
Size183 cm
Marital Statussingle
EducationAugust 20, 2007, I started studying at Texas A&M Corpus Christi University (USA).I choose this university to be able to continue training during my winter season . I received a scholarship from this university. Now I am studying Business as a major.
Windsurfing since2002
PWA Tour since2007
JP since2008


INTERVIEW 1 - Windsurfing Tour by Rick Randall


You are living half of the year in the states (Texas, Maui, Florida) and the rest in Europe and Turkey (Alacati)! Is this perfect for your training?

EY: Since 2007 I have been living in different locations at different times. The first year I did it, I couldn’t get used to it. But as its a part of being professional, you got to deal with it.
So, now on I am living in USA between September to beginning of May and during that time I am in the US, I go Hawaii for 20 days and flying to Miami couple times for formula and slalom events and also attending all events in Texas state.
The time between May to August, I do the PWA world tour and Turkish events, so that also means lot of traveling and dedication.
But I definitely want to say it’s great training. Basically what I am doing is creating the best environment for where ever I need to be and creating my self a good training condition and to make the best out of it.

On how many days do you make it on the water while a whole year?

EY: In entire year I think I am on the water around 230- 270 days without a doubt. Actually I was thinking about counting it in 2009 but then I couldn’t keep up. But you gave me the inspiration to do it now :-)
I am a student at Texas A&M Corpus Christi University in Texas. So, sometimes it gets hard to go windsurfing but after I graduate, I know it will get better.

In 2009 you improved the ranking by one position – to position 23. That’s a great result for a rider in your age, just one position behind Gabriel Browne, who is the second young rider on the tour. But there are not too many young guys on the tour. Most of the top riders are 30+ or older, like Bjorn, Antoine, Micah, Finian, Kevin, Peter, Jesper, Steve, Jimmy…
Would you prefer to race only with younger age groups or have an extra ranking for younger sailors?

EY: You are definitely right that there are not many young racers at PWA Tour. It’s been a really good experience for me to be part of PWA World Tour and being able to compete with the best windsurfers in the world. It’s definitely not easy and there is always a lot to learn. But I am really happy about it and I have no concern about racing in men’s class who are really experienced windsurfers.
It would be great if we have another additional ranking for young competitors so that way it would pay off fair for young people. As I said at the beginning I truly love what I do and racing with those people and having the soul of being in the water is a big honor for me. We all know that we have a lack of young people in PWA World Tour and Gabriel Browne is one of the good examples. He is pushing his limits -like me- to get better and better and hopefully we will have more young competitors that push us to become better and also raise the value of PWA World tour and young generation windsurfers.

Do you use any mental training or off water training techniques?

EY: Yeah I definitely do. Besides windsurfing, I became a big fan of regular surfing and I do lots of outdoor activities such as SUP, biking (its my favorite), running and also the gym has a big part in my training. I think best training for windsurfing is windsurfing, that’s my main point about windsurfing but on the other hand doing other sports and improving your strength and stamina with other sports is also very important.

Are you a kind of a star there in your home country or is it harder for you to get a real local status, because you are in the States for many months?

EY: Well, last couple years I had lots of coverage in newspapers, websites and TV shows and etc.. That helped a lot to build my media image and made me have a local star status. Every year my coverage is getting bigger and bigger and my sponsor Arkas Sport Club is pushing that more, too. I think this helps a lot to promote myself and at the same time raises the value of windsurfing in Turkey. I had lots of coverage especially when I became Youth World Champion in 2008 and 2009.

Has windsurfing a high popularity in Turkey or would you wish that the sport would be much more popular?

EY: Windsurfing is growing incredibly in Turkey! That is something I am really proud of. Especially in the last five years, we have this big push and interest for windsurfing from people and media. I and professional windsurfers like Cagla Kubat, Ertugrul Icingir, Emirhan Kolburan, Remzi Kocakiran and Ufuk Sonmez who recently published a book about windsurfing, had lots of media coverage about windsurfing that drew society’s attention to windsurfing. Also having a great windsurfing schools and having a beautiful locations like Alacati get people to try windsurfing.

Out of my view you are a quick learner. You take up things easy and you can keep your nerves on the race course quite well? How much time will you need to make it up in the top 10 or perhaps on the podium of a PWA race?

EY: First I want to say thank you for your compliment. I truly believe that by working hard, focusing and believing what I am capable of, I feel like everything can be possible. My hope and aim is to hit the top ten in 3-4 years and then set my mind on being top 5 or even top three in the future.

What are the places you prefer most for your Slalom or Formula training?

EY: For slalom training, my two favorite spots are Alacati, Turkey. We all know that it is a great slalom place in world and everyone knows the great conditions there. Secondly, I love conditions at my local spot in Corpus Christi, Texas. The beach is located right front of Texas A&M University which is superb for slalom. That’s where I get ready for the whole year.

Is JP/NeilPryde the perfect gear for and if yes, why?

It’s definitely the best equipment for my style and for racing and I have no doubt about it. NeilPryde makes the best sails I have ever used in my life and what I really love about NeilPryde Racing sails is the vast wind range and how perfectly it works for any rider in any condition.
Regarding my boards, I have been using JP Australia for 3 years now and I am really, really happy about it. I think this year we created great range of slalom boards that fits everyone’s style. And our range is way bigger now, so it is easier for people to choose the boards they really need.
I won two world titles, made 23rd at PWA ranking at age of 19th (by missing Austria and Pozo event), making top 3 in turkey, winning local events in Turkey shows that my boards and sails made me really successful and I am really happy being part of these teams. Overall, I want to say I am really happy with my NeilPryde and JP Boards and hopefully I can keep working with them in the future.

Would you say that you are better in light and middle wind conditions or do you see yourself very competitive in high wind conditions as well? You had your best results in South Korea, Costa Brava and Alacati so far?

EY: From what I see from the results, I think I am doing better in light winds, and I think it’s really understandable: I am light guy and Alacati where I grew up is a location where the wind is mostly around 15- 20 knots.
I am not the fastest guys when it comes to high wind but then I love jibes and hardcore racing because I feel like I can just ride it safe and make myself through to next round.
So, overall I think all conditions are pretty much same, it’s all about going out there and giving your best.

What’s your favorite PWA tour stop?

EY: Definitely Alacati in Turkey. Growing up therer makes it a very special place for me. Whenever I race there I am really comfortable. Knowing the conditions and being able to read the wind and have a local support always helps me a lot to do my best at Alacati. In 2009 I did my first final (top 8) in Alacati and that feeling was worth everything and what it makes it even more special is that it happened in Alacati.
So, I always feel special about Alacati and that is going to be my favorite spot forever.



SUP, Surf , Snowboard , Dirt Windsurf (windsurf sail on skateboard), Motocross , ATV


..my family


waking up really early in the morning, having a great wave session at Port Aransas, after that good breakfast, then going school and after 3 pm another slalom session at bay, then great dinner will be a best possible day


Rap, R&B and chill-out


The Secret, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Art of Seduction.


I currently have Chevy Tahoe that’s my favourite, but my dream car is lifted Hummer H2


Alacati, Turkey and Corpus Christi, USA


Slalom VII 76 and 65


Single Thruster 82 Pro


push my limits to the edge on whatever I do and always wanna be the best on whatever I doINSPIRED BYpeople who are really successful and at the top on their fields: 50 CENT, Rob Dyrdek, Laird Hamilton, Tyson.


Having five world titles:

  • 2006 – 3rd place
  • 2007 – 2nd place
  • 2008 – Slalom Youth World Champion
  • 2009 – Slalom Youth World Champion Honored as successful Athlete by Turkish Sport Federation x2 in 2008 and 2009.
  • 2011 – PWA Slalom Youth World Champion U22 (under 22)

push the limits on training, be creative, always go for more, always learn more and appreciate what you have. Dream hard to achieve what you believe!


Arkas Sport Club, JP-Australia, Neil Pryde, Turkish Airlines, Quiksilver

Any thing else that you want the people to know about you

“I’m proud of my family who always supported me on everything I do.
Dream impossible that’s what keeps me going!!!


  • No 3 - Turkish Slalom Championship - 2nd tour stop
  • No 3 - Turkish Slalom Championship - 3rd tour stop
  • PWA Overall Slalom - No 24
  • PWA Overall Slalom Youth World Champion U22 - No 1
  • No 3 - Puerto Rico Slalom Cup
  • No 2 - Turkish Slalom Championship - 2nd tour stop
  • No 2 - Turkish Slalom Championship - 3rd tour stop
  • No 3 - Turkish Slalom Championship - 4th tour stop
  • No 10 - PWA World Cup Slalom Alacati
  • PWA Overall Slalom - No 21
  • US Open - Corpus Christi, Texas: 1st Slalom, 2nd Speed, 2nd Formula
  • No 2 - IFCA Slalom Cup Miami
  • No 3 - Turkish Slalom Championship - 1st event
  • No 3 - Turkish Slalom Championship - 2nd event
  • PWA Overall Slalom - No 23
  • No 1 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Youth - 1st event
  • No 2 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Men - 1st event
  • No 1 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Youth- 2nd event
  • No 2 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Men - 2nd event
  • No 1 - IFCA Slalom Youth World Champion - Lake Garda, Italy
  • PWA Overall Slalom - No 24
  • No 1 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Youth - 1st event
  • No 4 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Men - 1st event
  • No 1 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Youth - 2nd event
  • No 2 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Men - 2nd event
  • No 2 - IFCA Slalom Youth World Vice Champion
  • No 3 - IFCA Slalom Youth World Championship
  • No 2 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Youth
  • No 6 - Turkish Slalom Championship, Men