World Record: 1.200 km in 9 days

Chis Ley from Cologne paddled 1200km with his JP-Australia Sportster SUP board from Rhine’s stream source to its river mouth.

The 26 year old started end of August and his aim was to complete the 1200 kilometers in 7 days. This would have been the fastest time ever recorded by a paddler on this route.

The first 2 days, the strategy to only sleep for 2 hours per day (split to 6 times 20 minutes) paid off. He could get a lead in front of the Kayak paddler which he unfortunately lost again on day 3 and 4 due to the bad weather. Together with his support team they even lost 24 hours compared to the schedule. The next days the wind even picked up, peaking to 41km/h which was why they decided to take a day of rest. Therefore they could forget to break the record time of the fastest individual sportsman. As it turned out later this was the right decision. Over night the wind died and the challenge could be continued.

Last part was the Dutch stretch of the Rhine River featuring the next problem: in the Netherlands it is legal to smoke dope and take drugs but paddling on the Rhine is illegal – especially at night time. Due to good preparation the team could swap to the Maas 45 River running parallel to the Rhine.

Exhausted and totally happy Chris reached the sea on Wednesday after 9 days, 9 nights, 4 hours and 45 minutes of paddling. This is new World Record as his Swiss colleague Thomas Quandt took 20 days for the same distance.
Chris will look in to recovering from his sore muscles, blisters and little wounds. His board will be given to a tombola to raise money for the good purpose (kids youth psychiatry in Cologne).

Congratulations, Chris!

About Chris Ley:
Chris Lay accompanies his customers on their very first wave rides of their lives as personal trainer. “Successful on the wave of your life!” is his motto and he intends to show his customers, how beautiful it is to let a wave carry you, rather than to paddle against it.
In his book “The Wave of Life” he shares his experience and knowledge and passion to this sport.