JP wins Austrian Championship

Weiden am See (“HAweiden”) is little village where the Austrian SUP Championships with 3 races were held last weekend.

The first discipline was the Short Distance Race which was organized as night race on Saturday. This event attracted a lot of spectators and impressed with a mystical and spectacular atmosphere. 70 contestants entered the eliminations to fight for the title. In the end Peter Bartl, who was successful in so many events already this year, managed to win the first Austrian Champion title!
In the Women’s, Melanie Brandstätter was victorious ahead of Peter’s daughter, Laura Bartl.

Sunday morning the weather was still overcast but with the start of the first race the sun was back. The day saw two more Races: The Austrian Long Distance Championships and an International long distance event.

In the Austrian Marathon the champions of the previous day were successful again. After 1 hour and 6 minutes Peter Bartl arrived first at the finish line and Melanie Brandstätter was the fastest lady of this 10 kilometer Long Distance race. This meant the second Austrian title on the second day for the two JP riders!

After this event, both paddlers also competed in the International Long Distance EUROSUPA which was a 15 kilometer marathon. After 1 hour and 39 minutes Styrian Peter Bartl  -again-  managed to finish first, one minute ahead of the second competitor. Third was JP rider Branislav Sramek from Czech Republic. Fastest lady was Carinthian Melanie Brandstätter.

Congratulations to triple Champions Peter Bartl and Melanie Brandstätter.
Respect also goes to young Laura Bartl (2nd Austrian Short Distance) and Branislav Sramek (3rd International Long Distance).

Austrian SUP Championship – Long Distance Marathon:

SUP ÖM Long Distance Marathon – Overall Men/Master:
1. Platz: Peter Bartl (JP-Australia)
2. Platz: Friedrich Köchl
3. Platz: Martin Salmhofer

SUP ÖM Long Distance Marathon – Women:
1. Platz: Melanie Brandstätter  (JP-Australia)
2. Platz: Manuela Lindmayr

Austrian SUP Championship – Short Distance (Night Race):

SUP ÖM Short Distance – Overall Men/Master:
1. Platz: Peter Bartl  (JP-Australia)
2. Platz: Christoph Salmhofer
3. Platz: Michael Frosch

SUP ÖM Short Distance – Women:
1. Platz: Melanie Brandstätter  (JP-Australia)
2. Platz: Laura Bartl (JP-Australia)
3. Platz: Manuela Lindmayr

International EUROSUPA Long Distance Marathon:

1. Platz: Peter Bartl – AUT  (JP-Australia)
2. Platz: Fabrizio Gasbarro – IT
3. Platz: Branislav Sramek – CZ (JP-Australia)

1. Platz: Melanie Brandstätter – AUT  (JP-Australia)
2. Platz: Kimi Zupancic – SLO
3. Platz: Petra Offermanns – GER

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