Torben Kornum wins in Denmark

Photographer: Mark Wengler

These are the words from Scandinavian JP-distributor Torben Kornum after taking part in the first ever Danish Championships in SUP flat water racing.

What a great experience!

The race took place on a hot summer day in the heart of wonderful Copenhagen surrounded by both modern and historic buildings, and was followed up by demos and beginner races on boards provided by the Copenhagen SUP Club and JP-Australia in Denmark. All together more than 500 people had fun in the wet element over the weekend. The Copenhagen harbour is so clean, that people swim in it. SUP has been warmly welcomed by the city government, and a lot of events will take place there in future.

Torben Kornum won the master class title on his 12’6’’ JP Carbon Race board:

“SUP racing is more challenging than I thought, both physically and technically. So far, I have only been cruising and surfing on SUPs, and never thought I should race. But after an event like this, I am really inspired to spend more time on it. Kids and adults, men and women, had a fantastic day no matter if they took part in the race or hang out on the docks, watched the action and enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. SUP has such a wide appeal to anyone.

The championship title in the men’s class went  -not surprisingly-  to 21 year old Casper Steinfath, who is reigning world champion in technical SUP racing.