Jason @ Cloudbreak (+video)

Here is the new video clop from Jason from his latest trip to Fiji: Check on YouTube.

Photo: John Carter

A great wave forecast for Cloudbreak end of May didn’t go unnoticed by Jason Polakow. So, he flew to Namotu Island sharing rooms with surf legends Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, two of the participants of the Volcom ASP. Independently, Aussie Scott McKercher and German Philip Köster intended to catch the same conditions in Fiji.

Jason Polakow reports:

The best part of the wave is the end section where the wide west sets break and peel all the way down to “shish kebabs” where its super shallow and hollow and photographers can just sit in the channel and score amazing images.

This particular swell was very south making most of the ride-able waves at the top end of the reef and a nightmare for the film and photographer guys to shoot.
Massive 10 foot sets broke on the outer part of the reef every hour, so it was a gamble to either sit on the far outside and get the bomb sets that started nice but because of the extreme south direction had no shoulder as they hit the bottom end of the reef, or you could risk it and sit on the inside section and wait for the smaller west sets. You could not see nor catch the smaller west sets from the outside so you had to either risk it and sit inside or wait on the outside.

It was a very tricky day and prior knowledge of the wave was key.
Scotty and myself were lucky enough to catch a few smaller west sets that peeled all the way down the line and Phillip had a few nice bombs on the outside but wipeout early and had no other gear. For me it was definitely the trickiest conditions I’ve had at Cloudbreak especially with the low cloud slight rain showers and shifting wind conditions.

But, it only takes me one ‘SICK’ wave to make the trip worthwhile and I had at least 5 of those so I was super happy!