Popretinskiy on the Canaries

Yegor Popretinskiy reports:

Warm welcome to all windsurfing fans! Here I am presenting to your attention a brief report on the events of the previous several months. In June I was at home in St.Petersburg, spending valuable time with my family, arranging my visa and practicing.

At the end of June, a month before the start of the next PWA 2013 Freestyle event, I flew to Fuerteventura. Just before my trip I had received stunning new watch from G-Shock (this is my favourite now) and some new stylish clothes from RipCurl.

Pretty soon my wife Maria together with Nastya Gaeva and Olga Raskina joined me in Fuerte. Maria and Nastya had their annual World Fitness Camp and Olga windsurfing camp Windsurf Beauties. The girls were very busy this year and as I did not want to seem lazy, was giving daily windsurfing lessons for all who wanted it and in between practicing myself. I was lucky that my first students I had met on the flight to Fuerte.

As the majority of the riders do, we resided in a small town of Costa Calma, near the Sotavento beach that is very popular amongst wind and kite surfers. The famous Rene Egil station, the host of annual PWA events is situated on this beach. We were using the station for our lessons, were keeping there our equipment and were practicing as well. It takes 30 minutes walking or 5 minutes in a car to get from Costa Calma to the station, so in the breaks in lessons and training it was possible to get home for some rest and then well rested return to work.

sdThis year there was only freestyle contest in Fuerteventura, so all the attention was focused on freestylers. It was possible to have 2 Double Eliminations from July 20 till 26.The winner was Gollito Estredo. Gollito managed to show clearer, filled with the last tricks programme in the hard competition with Kiri Thode. After the final there was a big discussion about the repetition of their heat as according to the opinion of quite a lot of spectators and riders the victory of Golito was not flawless, however the judges had not changed their decision though almost all the riders came out to protest against it.

As for me, this contest was not very successful. In the first Single I lost a few point to the young and very talented Dutch rider Rick Jendrusch. On the following day I confidently won over Choko Frans (the brother of the famous Taty and Tonky). Chocko is a strong contestant who is practicing with the best riders on his home-spot in Bonaire, so I was very glad to exceed him. My next heat was against 5 times World Champion Gollito Estredo. I was well aware of my chances in this situation, so I tried to perform the most risky tricks. I jumped a steady Bongka (Front loop into Flaka) and high amplitude planning Shove-it Spock, but did not manage to “land” neatly the other tricks.

In the first round of the 2nd Single I won over young Loick Spicher from Switzerland. In the next heat I was competing with Bjorn Saragoza, very strong rider from Bonaire. Bjorn managed to land one of the coolest tricks of the modern freestyle “Pasko” (Air Flaka into Shaka), so he continued the competitions.

In the 2nd Double I won in two heats – first over the most well-known Austrian freestyler Max Matissek, then over one of the strongest Estonian riders Tony Mottus. The guys were riding well enough, but after my previous failures I was taking it very seriously, so performed all the programme – Shaka Flaka, Culo, Kono, Burner, Front Diablo, Air Funnel, Air Flaka, Ponch etc. at my best.

My next heat was against the best French freestyler Antony Ruenes. I had performed my programme very well, finishing it with Double Spock, but it was not enough – Antony jumped a high No Hand Air Flaka and won on points.
As a relult, I had finished the competition on 21st place, sharing it with the European Champion 2012 Davy Scheffers, who was not very lucky either.

Another Russian taking part in the competition was the freestyler from Taganrog Vova Yakovlev. Due to the problem with a cargo company he had to use the team-riders equipment, so he was not able to show all what he can. I watched one of his heats where he defeated young Italian Jacopo Testa famous for his Air Kabikuchi, and one of the French riders Antoine Albert as well. Well done!

Olga Raskina and Sveta Martynova took part in the Women’s Freestyle competition. Olya performed brilliantly an took the 4th place – the best result in her career. Olya won over some newcomers of the PWA Worldtour, our Sveta Martynova, young freestyler from Bonaire Maxime van Gent and the most successful windsurfer in the World Karin Jaggi. In her heats Olya was performing excellent tricks – Puneta, Speed loop, Clew1st Puneta, Flaka, Grubby, Shove-it и Spock. My congratulations to Olga Raskina! Well done, we are proud of you!

In the beginning of August I returned to my native St. Petersburg, where I do the paperwork and get ready to the following PWA World Tour contests, that will take place in Holland (7.09 -14.09) and in Germany (26.09 – 06.10).

I am glad to present my new supporters for the upcoming PWA WorldTour events – Hard Body Company and honestly recommend their superb products.
I want to thank in person Alexander Zlobinskiy (Daichi) and Alexey Mamonov (Zodiac) for their financial support. Thank you guys, your help came in the right time and means a lot for me!
See you again in the autumn, thank you all for your attention and support, happy riding!

Yegor Popretinskiy RUS11
(JP-Australia, NeilPryde, Maui Ultra fins, Surf4You, Rip Curl, G-Shock, Hard Body, Zodiac)

Sincerely Yours

Photos: John Carter/PWA